Recycling Drop-Off Program

SWACO operates a recycling drop-off program to serve Franklin County residents. Materials accepted through the Recycling Drop-Off Program are listed below. In 2016, over 8,500 tons of recyclable material was diverted from the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill through this program. 
Drop Off Image

Non-Accepted Materials: 

The following items are not currently accepted through this recycling program. 
  • Plastic: Containers that DO NOT have a bottle neck or a base larger than the top. For example, yogurt cups, butter tubs, drinking cups, disposable storage containers, toys, plastic bags, plastic films and bubble wrap, and plastic utensils. Note: Polystyrene foam or "Styrofoam" egg cartons, plates, cups, etc. are NOT accepted. 
  • Glass: Ceramics, window or drinking glass, light bulbs and any other glass not in the shape of a bottle or jar. 
  • Paper: Cups, plates, egg cartons, tissues, etc. 
  • Drink Pouches: Made of or lined with foil and plastic. 
  • Metals: Coat hangers, steel scraps and any other metal not in the shape of a container.