Resources - Leverage our Expertise

  1. Enforcement Guide (PDF)

    View the Penalty Policy for SWACO.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    View answers to frequently asked questions regarding recycling, waste disposal, the landfill, and other SWACO services.

  3. Grants

    SWACO is working hard to make central Ohio a leader by turning up the volume on issues involving diversion and waste reduction, and provide program grants to put it into action.

  4. Media Center

    Stay up-to-date on current organizational news and announcements.

  5. Open Solicitations

    View open bids for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  6. Outreach & Events

    Learn about upcoming SWACO events.

  7. Public Records & Notices

    Find information on an upcoming public meeting, bid on a competitive project, or request a public record.

  8. Recycling & Reuse Search Tool

    Find a listing of all of the SWACO facilities.

  9. Reports

    View reports from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.

  10. Rules (PDF)

    View the rules and resolutions for the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.

  11. Solid Waste Management Plan

    The Solid Waste Management Plan is updated every five years with a planning period of fifteen years.

  12. Webinars

    SWACO offers free educational webinars on waste reduction, reuse, recycling and safe disposal best practices.