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Business Development

SWACO is focused on providing for the safe and efficient disposal of waste at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. Simultaneously, we are also working hard to promote recycling and waste diversion as an effort to enhance the quality of life, protect the public’s health and preserve precious natural resources. Together, these items will help us to extend the life of the landfill beyond two generations in Franklin County.

As a result of a recently completed analysis of the waste stream, we now know that nearly 70 percent of the waste in the landfill could have been recycled or diverted. Of that 70 percent, the three largest sources of potentially recyclable materials are paper (29%), plastic (17%) and food waste (13%).

At SWACO, we believe that by partnering with the business community, we can assist with developing and cultivating technologies whose interests reflect SWACO's own passion and commitment to reducing the waste stream entering the landfill. SWACO is committed to finding new and innovative ways of diverting, processing and producing beneficial products from sanitary landfill waste streams.

For more information or to make development proposals contact SWACO's Innovation and Programs team at 614-871-5100.