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The SWACO Business Roundtable (BRT)

How to Join

To complete the BRT application process, download, complete and submit the application to:

4239 London Groveport Rd.
Grove City, OH 43123
Ph: 614-871-5100

BRT Profile

The BRT is a special group of key people from companies, schools or organizations in the Franklin County area with 20 or more employees.  The BRT: 
  • Serves as a venue for information and feedback on sustainability issues
  • Meets to share best practices with peers
  • Offers company facility tours when possible
  • Hosts meetings at member sites.  Member host is the Agenda Leader sharing their challenges, successes and goals
  • Is free to participating members

SWACO's Commitment

  • Provide a forum for businesses to learn about green strategies that align with business goals
  • Administer and organize the program
  • Structure the Agendas to ensure a sounding board for new ideas, technologies, and opportunities
  • Encourage group networking and dynamics

Member's Commitment

  • Attend meetings and provide meeting location, if possible
  • Although business relationships may develop over time, the BRT is not a platform for sales presentations
  • Have a desire to improve your company, school or organization’s green efforts with the most cost and energy effective methods
  • Be prepared to openly share your struggles and successes to inspire others

Sample of Past Agendas

  • The Dark Side of Green
  • The LEEDing Edge of Green
  • Fuel Reduction-The Bottom Line
  • Get Money – Be Happy
  • The Green in Your Marketing Strategy
  • Grasses & Bushes & Plants On The Roof…..Oh My!
  • The Art of Trash
  • Getting to 99%