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Community Solid Waste and Recycling Consortium Program

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) jurisdiction is Franklin County, Ohio, which includes 41 communities; 15 cities, 17 townships, and 9 villages. In an effort to increase diversion, SWACO provides communities with technical assistance for the public bidding and award of their solid waste and recycling contracts.

Since the inception of the Community Solid Waste & Recycling Consortium Program in 2005, SWACO has been assisting communities with realizing greater value from their waste hauling contracts through a competitive, collaborative bidding process. The Consortium is voluntary and increases negotiating power when contracting for solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection services; and allows consortium communities to provide curbside collection of single stream recyclables and yard waste pick-up to their residents, thus, reducing the amount of waste being landfilled. To assist in the development and implementation, SWACO contracts with a law firm that has a specialized background in solid waste and recycling.

Key Features
• Cost-effective solid waste disposal contracting that requires commingled curbside recycling and yard waste diversion, with fees ranging from $14.00 to $15.53 per household per month
• Dissemination of educational materials
• Creates consistent policies and best practices throughout the District that allow us to make improvements and align with SWACO Rules
• Enables SWACO to capture material diversion data through regular reporting via Re-TRAC Connect
• Promotes intergovernmental cooperation through the use of a unique and beneficial technical service

• Created 3 community consortiums, which include 21 communities and encompass a total of 85,000 Franklin County households
• Successfully bid and awarded 49 municipal solid waste collection contracts
• The average recycling rate for a community within the consortium is 24%
• In 2015, Consortium communities diverted 22,700 tons of recyclables and 20,400 tons of yard waste; a total of 43,100 tons diverted from the landfill

Consortium Profiles
• Consortium #1 includes 56,200 residential households in the cities of Bexley, Dublin, Gahanna, New Albany, Reynoldsburg, and Westerville; and the townships of Blendon, Mifflin, Plain, and Washington
• Consortium #2 includes 14,700 residential households the cities of Groveport and Whitehall; the townships of Clinton, Madison, Pleasant, Sharon, and Truro; and the village of Brice.
• Consortium #3 includes 14,000 residential households including the City of Grove City, Jackson Township, and the village of Urbancrest

If you are interested in learning more about our Community Solid Waste & Recycling Consortium Program, please contact SWACO at (614) 871-5100.