E-Recycling Solutions for Communities & Schools

SWACO’s primary efforts are focused on establishing strategic recycling and diversion programs to assist residents and families, businesses and local governmental partners in our Solid Waste District. Electronic waste (e-waste), which covers almost any electronic device that has a cord or a battery, is the fastest growing waste producing sector in the United States. In an effort to safely remove e-waste from the municipal solid waste stream, SWACO created the E-Waste Diversion Program to responsibly collect and recycle old, unwanted e-waste in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Cell phones, computers, TVs, iPods, Android tablets, stereos, appliances, and other electronic devices are being discarded at an increasing rate as technology continues to improve. This electronic waste, known as e-waste, typically contains highly recyclable materials including valuable metals.

SWACO’s E-Waste Diversion Program is open to Franklin County agencies and all of the cities, villages, townships and school districts located within the County. To oversee the operation of the program, SWACO has contracted with Southeastern Data for the collection and processing of e-waste generated by those communities, and also executed contracts with both Southeastern Data and Goodwill Columbus for community e-waste collection events. Southeastern Data and Goodwill Columbus were selected as the result of a competitive bidding process and for their dedication to recycling e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner and following proper recycling practices.

This program is being administered and overseen by SWACO’s Innovation and Programs team, led by Director Kyle O’Keefe.

Program Details

In 2014, SWACO began to discuss how e-waste could be collected and recycled from Franklin County residents through community sponsored events, and more importantly, how SWACO could help with the process.

As a result of a competitive bidding process, SWACO has contracted for two different e-waste collection and processing services as listed below which are available to government entities and school districts within Franklin County as provided in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 9.48: 

        1. Southeastern Data will oversee the collection and processing of e-waste generated by participating communities. This collection is for electronics that are owned by the government entities and/or school districts and are beyond their useful life. 

        2. Southeastern Data and Goodwill Columbus Industries will jointly oversee the collection and processing of e-waste at a mobile collection events hosted by participating communities. These events are for the public drop-off of e-waste by residents of hosting government entity during a specific collection event.

Under each of the scenarios listed above, SWACO has negotiated terms and conditions for the collection and processing of e-waste that result in revenue generated for the host political subdivision, or services provided at a significantly low cost, based on the amount of e-waste collected.

The success of this new program will be measured on the number of government and school entities that elect to participate, in addition to the amount of e-waste removed from the solid waste stream.

By partnering with local communities in our Solid Waste District to offer environmentally-friendly disposal options for e-waste, we seek to ensure the health of area residents and the safety of our natural environment. Recycling also generates economic activity and creates 10 additional jobs for every one job at a landfill. 

Participate Now!

This program is open to Franklin County agencies and all cities, villages, townships and school districts located within the County. Call a SWACO Innovations and Programs team member at 614-801-6408 today to learn more.

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