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Kristi Higginbotham
Outreach and Programs Manager

Tour the Landfill

Are you looking for a different type of field trip that students are sure to remember and learn valuable environmental and ecological lessons from? Come and tour the landfill. Learn more here.

SWACO Accessories

The following cartoon can also be found at the 'My House' exhibit in the North America region of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium:

What is a Landfill?
Click Here to view a Landfill Tour PP Presentation
created by Amee DeWitt

SWACO Sanitary Landfill Poster
(Download a landfill poster 72 DPI for digital screen usage)

SWACO Sanitary Landfill Poster
(Download a landfill poster 300 DPI for printing. This is a larger file. Depending on your computer it may take several minutes to download.)

Other Programming

PAST Foundation/SWACO Garbology Project

Garbology is a hands-on, minds-on educational program that explores the global issues of waste management involving students in understanding what we really waste today and what are some of the alternatives for managing waste today and tomorrow.

Other Websites and Resources

  • Windows on Waste (WOW) Curriculum: 
          WOW Guide
          WOW Vocabulary
          WOW Ohio Department of Education Activity Correlations

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