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Thank you for visiting SWACO’s Grant Page.  At this time, the grant program is currently under review by staff. Currently, we are not accepting applications as we work to improve this program offering for interested applicants.

SWACO Grant Program 2014 Information
Please note: the below information is subject to change in 2016

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (“SWACO”) is one of Ohio’s 52 solid waste management districts, created by the Ohio General Assembly in 1989, mandated to reduce Ohio’s reliance on landfills through the development of waste reduction, recycling, reuse, and education programs. To advance such efforts, SWACO provides grant funding for eligible projects within our solid waste management district (“District”) in accordance with our approved Solid Waste Management Plan (“SWMP”). Funding for this program is collected through a $5 per ton generation fee applied to all solid waste generated in the District. Grant funds are available to anyone in SWACO’s District whose project goals align with SWACO’s mission.
The SWACO Grant Program is designed to assist projects that further the SWACO mission of reducing waste, increasing recycling and treating solid waste as a resource. SWACO grants have stimulated local groups to move ahead or expand many projects that needed just a few more dollars. These projects teach recycling, reuse, waste reduction, composting and sustainability. We hope they will inspire others to move ahead with their ideas and projects.

SWACO Mission 
To improve the community's solid waste stream through effective reduction, recycling, and disposal. 

SWACO Guiding Principles
COLLABORATE with our public and private partners
OPERATE with transparency, efficiency, and innovation
LEVERAGE the waste stream for economic benefit
CONTRIBUTE to a safe and healthy community

Eligilbility Requirements
Anyone in SWACO’s District with a proposed project that aligns with SWACO’s mission, guiding principles, or strategic initiatives may apply for a grant. Former grant applicants have included governmental organizations such as parks, townships, villages, cities, charities, school districts and individual schools (private, public & parochial).

A Promotion/Publicity Approval Request must be approved by SWACO for any press releases, media events or publicity. All such promotions and events shall include recognition of SWACO as providing assistance on the project. The Grantee shall install a SWACO-approved permanent plaque to be displayed on or near the project, if possible, which will identify that SWACO has provided partial funding for the project. Without SWACO’s pre-approval, reimbursement of expenses for the promotional publicity or media event may be disallowed.

Past grant recipients include: The Ohio State University, Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Washington Township, City of Whitehall, City of Grove City, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Westerville City Schools, Otterbein College and Capital Crossroads Downtown Recycling.

SWACO reserves the right to reject any applicant or application at its sole discretion. 

Matching Funds
Matching funds by the applicant are not a requirement, although those entities willing to provide partial funding will be viewed more favorably.

Allowable Costs
SWACO’s Grant Program will provide funding for expenses related to the following types of projects:

  • Waste Reduction & Recycling: Purchase of recycling containers, expansion of a recycling program, collection events, etc.
  • Compost & Yard Waste Management: Purchase of compost bins, community education or assistance, workshops or seminar, etc.
  • Product & Material Re-use: Re-use store, book exchange event, material exchange website, etc.
  • Education & Awareness: School recycling programs or educational projects, public awareness projects, surveys, waste audits, promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Partnership: SWACO and the applicant cooperate to advance mutual interests and initiatives that align with the mission of both entities.
  • Sponsorship: Participation in an event where SWACO will receive prominent recognition as a sponsor, have the opportunity to participate in  sustainable initiatives, and be provided exhibit space (if available).
  • Other Projects: Projects that result in significant waste reduction, address difficult to recycle materials, or align closely with SWACO’s mission.

Grant Agreement
As a condition of receiving funds, a grant agreement between SWACO and the grantee will be required to be executed by the applicant. The following minimum conditions will be included in the grant agreement.

  • Grant period shall be twelve months and may be extended as requested by the grantee with
    written approval by SWACO.
  • Use of grant funds shall only be utilized for approved and allowable expenses.
  • A final report shall be submitted to SWACO no later than two weeks after the grant expiration
    date or the conclusion of the project, whichever occurs first, summarizing the project,
    expenses, and results.
  • Request for payment shall be submitted on a formal invoice and shall include all receipts,
    invoices, proof of payment such as copies of cancelled checks, and any related documents on
    any expenditure of grant funds and match funds.
  • SWACO may conduct a site visit and/or request the applicant to submit photos of the final
  • Grantees shall request any grant revisions in writing. SWACO will review such requests and
    either approve or deny such requests in writing. Any grant revisions not approved by SWACO,
    in writing, shall not be eligible for grant funding. Requests should be specific and justified, and
    include a revised budget if applicable. SWACO reserves the right to accept or deny any revision

Program Guidlines PDF
Grant Application PDF