Recycle Your Trash!

Use our updated Mapping Tool to find the recycle location that is close to you.  Find a recycling drop-off location here.

Our throwaways are not trash, they are unharnessed resources. The more we recycle, the more energy we can save and the less negative impact we place on the earth. More recyclables also mean new products that can better our lives. SWACO offers plenty of opportunities to Recycle Today for Tomorrow and to promote Disposal, Diversion, and Development.

SWACO Mission

Manage the District municipal solid waste stream to achieve environmentally responsible and cost-effective disposal, treat solid waste as a resource capable of yielding recovered materials and energy, reduce reliance on landfilling, and plan future disposal capacity for the District.

SWACO Guiding Principles:

  • Focus on the use of technically viable and economically sound technologies.
  • Utilize proven business principles in the management of District programs and projects.
  • Promote public awareness and knowledge concerning effective and efficient management of the District municipal solid waste stream.
  • Ensure that all initiatives involving outside private or public-sector partners identify and incorporate mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Support waste reduction, recycling, and reuse programs and technologies that will be both environmentally and economically sustainable.