Residential Recycling Information

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Acceptable Materials

Items that can be crushed or flattened save space on your container and in the recycling drop-off bins. Please flatten your boxes and place all your recycled materials inside the drop-off bin. Items left beside a recycling bin can easily become litter and is considered illegal dumping. The items listed below are currently accepted through this recycling program:

  • Plastic: All Plastic Bottles #1-7 Accepted. Labels and caps do not need to be removed.
  • Glass: Clear, Brown, Green and Blue Glass Bottles and Jars in which food products are packaged. Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse all containers.
  • Paper: Newspaper with Ad Slicks, Magazines, Phone Books, Brown Grocery Bags, Frozen Food Boxes, "Junk" Mail, Chip Board, Corrugated Cardboard, Office Paper.
  • Carton Containers: Gable-Top Containers and/or Paperboard Containers containing items such as Milk, Juice, Fabric Softner, Egg Substitute Containers, Soups, Stocks and Broths. Please rinse all containers.
  • Metals: Aluminum and Bi-Metal Beverage Cans, Steel Food/Tin Cans, Aluminum Foil, Empty Aerosol Cans. Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse all containers.

Non-Acceptable Materials

Listed below are items not currently accepted through this recycling program.

  • Plastic Containers that DO NOT have a Bottle Neck: Yogurt cups and other cups/containers that DO NOT have a neck. Plastic toys, any type of plastic bag, plastic films and bubble wrap ARE NOT accepted for recycling.
  • Glass: Ceramics, Window or Drinking Glass, Light Bulbs and/or any other glass not in the shape of a container.
  • Egg Cartons: Polystyrene foam (styrofoam) and paper egg cartons ARE NOT accepted for recycling.
  • Drink Pouches: Drink Pouches typically made of or lined with foil and plastic ARE NOT accepted for recycling.
  • Metals: Paint Cans, Coat Hangers, Steel Scraps and/or any other metal not in the shape of a container IS NOT accepted for recycling.

If you are a Franklin County resident and you want to start recycling in your home, congratulations! You are part of a growing number of residents who want to help reduce the solid waste going into the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. SWACO provides co-mingled (does not have to be sorted) recycling drop-off dumpsters throughout Franklin County for public use.

SWACO recycling drop-offs are free to the public and include locations at Columbus City Schools plus many fire stations, super markets, and Metro Parks. Co-mingled recyclables collected at the recycling drop-off sites are taken to the Rumpke material recovery facility where they are sorted, baled and sold to manufacturers. Remember buying products made of recycled content is an important part of closing the recycling loop!

If you have any questions regarding curbside collection of recyclables, solid waste & yard waste in your community please contact your city, township or village offices.

For information on how to recycle or dispose of items like batteries, appliances, furniture, tires, motor oil, visit the SWACO Disposal Information page.

Below is a partial list of communities that offer curbside recycling programs to residents:

  • Bexley: 614.235.8694
  • Blendon Twp: 614.882.1270
  • Columbus: 614.645.3111
  • Dublin: 614.410.4750
  • Gahanna: 614.471.6917
  • Grandview Heights: 614.488.4728
  • Grove City: 614.277.1100
  • Groveport: 614.836.5301
  • Hilliard: 614.876.7361
  • Mifflin Twp: 614.471.4494 
  • New Albany: 614.855.3913   
  • Reynoldsburg: 614.866.6391
  • Upper Arlington: 614.583.5370
  • Washington Twp: 614.652.3920 
  • Westerville: 614.901.6740
  • Whitehall: 614.237.8612
  • Worthington: 614.431.2425
  • Urbancrest: 614.875.1279