Waste Haulers

Welcome to SWACO

Working together with SWACO, waste haulers are part of a sound waste management program for Franklin County.  At SWACO, we strive to divert recyclable materials from the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill and to keep the roadways safe and litter free! 

*All customers must have a tarp on their loads when they enter the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill.

*All customers must wear a vest on the landfill if they exit their vehicle.

For your convenience, tarps and vests may be purchased at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill scale house.  Please see below pricing:

Large tarp (10'x18') - $15.00 
Small tarp (8' x 16') - $10.00
Vest - $5.00

SWACO Mission

To improve the community's solid waste stream through effective reduction, recycling, and disposal.

SWACO Guiding Principles:

  • COLLABORATE with our public and private partners
  • OPERATE with transparency, efficiency, and innovation
  • LEVERAGE the waste stream for economic benefit
  • CONTRIBUTE to a safe and healthy community