Please Note

All loads in open vehicles or trailers must be tarped before coming to the landfill.

Hauling Permits & Applying for Credit Account

All Commercial haulers must:

  1. Register vehicles with Franklin County Public Health: When disposing of solid waste at any SWACO Facility the hauler is required to display a permit issued by Franklin County Public Health. For information on these permits please contact the Board of Health Solid Waste Division at (614) 525-3160. The Board of Health will supply you with the appropriate application form and use the information submitted to determine the permit classification and access the associated fee.
  2. Upon approval of credit application please submit a truck list to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio: The information required for submittal is entered in to the Authority’s truck scaling system and allows the Authority to process truck traffic and invoice haulers. Please contact the Authority’s Business Management Department at (614) 871-6753 for further information.

Credit Applications
Haulers wishing to establish a charge account need to contact the Authority’s Accounting Specialist at (614) 871-6753. Download the SWACO credit application (PDF).

Accounts Receivable Policy Revised 7-25-15

*All customers must have a tarp on their loads when they enter the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill.

*All customers must wear a vest on the landfill if they exit their vehicle.

For your convenience, tarps and vests may be purchased at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill scale house.  Please see below pricing:

Large tarp (10'x18') - $15.00 
Small tarp (8' x 16') - $10.00
Vest - $5.00

Landfill Rates


Landfill Fees/In-District Solid Waste

Franklin County Sanitary Landfill - direct haul   $42.75
Jackson Pike Transfer Station   $54.75
Morse Road Transfer Station   $55.75

Landfill Fees/Out-of-District Solid Waste

Franklin County Sanitary Landfill - direct haul   $43.75
Jackson Pike Transfer Station   $55.75
Morse Road Transfer Station   $56.75

Special Wastes

In-District Solid Wastes Out-District Solid Wastes
Density under 1600lbs CY  $42.75  $43.75
1600-1799lbs per CY $41.25 $42.75
1800-1999lbs per CY  $39.75  $40.75
2000-2199lbs per CY $38.75 $39.75
2200-2399lbs per CY  $37.75  $38.75
2400-2599lbs per CY  $37.00  $38.00
2600-2799lbs per CY  $36.50  $37.50
2800+lbs per CY  $36.00  $37.00

Other Fees

Franklin County Sanitary Landfill - minimum charge   $5.00
White Goods - per item   $20.00
Tires/Passenger - per tire   $5.00
Tires /Heavy Truck - per tire   $50.00
Blocked Loads - per truck   $45.00

Special Waste Acceptance

Notify the landfill at (614) 875-8563 at least two (2) hours prior to disposal and have a completed waste manifest with each load. For the special waste loads that arrive less than two hours after the opening of the landfill, the required call ahead shall be made the day before the arrival of the load.

Special Waste Hours:*
Monday - Friday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday: 6:00 am - 9:00 am
Sunday & Major Holidays: Closed
*unless other hours are specified in your approval letter