SWACO Facilities

Please Note

All loads in open vehicles or trailers must be tarped before coming to the landfill.

Welcome to SWACO

We are here to meet your needs for waste management. As you visit our facilities please remember to obey all safety rules and regulations. In obeying our site rules, you help us insure your safety, keep our employees safe, and assist us in compliance with all government rules and regulations.

More information about facilities:

Landfill Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 5:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday - 6am - 12pm

*All customers MUST HAVE A TARP on their loads when they enter the Franklin County Landfill.

*All customers MUST WEAR A VEST on the landfill if they exit their vehicle.

(*FYI: for your convenience SWACO sells tarps and vests. Please check at scalehouse for more information)