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Notice: Please be advised that all Board of Trustee Meetings begin at 2:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Please watch for meeting changes or cancellations and a list of all SWACO public meetings on SWACO’s website at or call (614) 871-5100.

SWACO Board of Trustees Committee Meeting Notice

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) holds regular monthly Board of Trustees’ meetings beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the SWACO Administration Building, 4239 London-Groveport Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123.

The public is encouraged to attend and participate in the meetings. To obtain a copy of an agenda, call (614) 871-5100, or view when available on the SWACO website. Items on the agenda may include, but are not limited to, old business, new business, executive director's report, and a public comment period. 

View the 2016 Committee Meeting Schedule. 


Board of Trustees Committees

In accordance with the Amended SWACO Bylaws

Article VI – Committees and Composition


Executive Committee  (Section 6.1 – consists of five (5) Trustees)

Members: Chair Ken Wilson, Tracie Davies, John O’Grady/Erik Janas, and two (2) other members appointed by the Chair:  Patrick King and Susan Tilgner
This committee is authorized to act for and on behalf of the Board on matters requiring action from time to time in the interval between Board meetings. The committee assists the Board with its responsibilities for the organization’s general policies and procedures, legal and legislative issues, and human resources matters.

Nominating Committee  (Section 6.2 – consists of at least three (3) Trustees)

Members:  Chair Susan Tilgner, Tracie Davies, Joe Lombardi, and John O’Grady/Erik Janas
This committee will meet when necessary to search for and recommend qualified nominees for the three (3) Trustee positions appointed to the Board by the Board itself.


Standing and Special Committees (Section 6.3 – appointed and comprised as deemed appropriate by the Chair)


Audit and Finance Committee
Members:  Chair Patrick King, Steve Bowshier, Bryson Cole, Joe Lombardi, and John O’Grady/Erik Janas
The AFC assists the Board with its responsibilities for reviewing and providing guidance for the organization’s financial matters. The committee assures internal controls, independent audits, and financial analysis for the organization. It is anticipated that this committee will meet once a month.


Bylaws Review Committee
Members:  Chair John O’Grady/Erik Janas, Bryson Cole, Mike Frank, Patrick King, and Susan Tilgner
This special committee will meet as often as necessary to review the current SWACO By-Laws and will terminate if/when the Board adopts its recommendations.

Committee of the Whole
Members:  Chair Tracie Davies and all Trustees
This committee will be responsible for the mission, vision, and strategic direction which include the solid waste management plan, educational programs, and will provide oversight for operations, development, engineering, and environmental compliance or any other matters related to the organization. It is anticipated that this committee will meet once a month.


Solid Waste Management Plan Committee
Members:  Chair Susan Tilgner, Bryson Cole, Mike Frank, and Steve Bowshier
The SWMPC works closely with SWACO staff and consultants to develop SWACO’s Solid Waste Management Plan.  The plan is a requirement for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The plan revision process takes place every five to seven (5-7) years during which the committee is formed. It is anticipated that this committee will meet as often as necessary to review and advise staff’s development and formulation of the Solid Waste Management Plan.