Using Auto Shredder Residue as an Alternative Daily Cover at the Landfill

Citing a desire to lead by example when it comes to recycling and the safe operation of the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill (FCSL), in August 2015, SWACO applied to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in order to participate in a 180-day pilot program to use a recycled material – Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) as a daily cover for the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) that comes to the landfill each day. After a successful pilot, in March 2016, SWACO was granted the approval to use ASR on an on-going basis. 
Pile of Auto Shredder Residue at landfill
Annually, FCSL receives over one million tons of MSW. Using ASR in the landfill saves money, speeds up operations and is a more environmentally friendly approach to daily cover than the use of dirt or soil. 

ASR is usually comprised of foam, plastic and other non-metal auto materials from car seats and dash boards. 

ASR provides added benefits because, unlike dirt or soil, it does not need to be stripped off of the waste each morning. Using ASR reduces the amount of soil used, a natural material, by approximately 1500-3000 cubic yards per week. 

ASR is also more cost-effective than using dirt. Comparing the two per acre, using ASR reduces the equipment and labor costs by more than $4.00 per cubic yard ($5.19 vs. $1.24).