Drop-Off Recycling Program Updates

Committed to Serving Franklin County

SWACO is committed to delivering a high quality of community service for recycling and solid waste disposal. Our neighborhood Recycling Drop-Off Program is a point of pride for the agency and is one of our signature programs in the community. Like any business or government agency, we strive to ensure that our programs are run safely, efficiently and make the best use of resources.  

As recycling evolves, and the needs and behaviors of central Ohio residents and businesses change, SWACO’s programs need to keep pace.

Our Program is Changing. 

Here’s What You Should Know: 

  • Beginning on July 1, 2017, the containers located at Columbus City Schools will no longer be available for public use. 
  • In August, SWACO added two new Columbus locations to the program. Read more
  • On October 2, 2017, the containers at the Home Deport located 5858 Sawmill Road were temporarily removed at the request of the property owner to allow the business to repave the parking lot. 
  • SWACO will continue to operate the Drop Box Recycling program with locations throughout the District. To find a participating site near you, view the map

Maximize your curbside recycling. Follow these easy tips: 

  • Only dispose of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, cartons, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles and jars in the containers. 
  • Break down and flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in the recycling container to save space.
  • Keep recyclables loose; don't put them in plastic bags. 
  • Call 311 and request an additional recycling container (in the city of Columbus) for a fee and increase your at-home recycling capacity; 
  • Renters and individuals living in multifamily properties should contact their property manager to learn more about additional recycling services.

Recycling is Now More Convenient 


Recycling in Franklin County has changed over the last 5 years. Today, 96% of all households can recycle at the curb. As the result of increased participation in curbside recycling programs, and particularly following the 2012 implementation of curbside recycling in the city of Columbus, the District’s largest community, the use of SWACO’s Drop-Off Recycling Program has decreased by nearly half of the volume it was receiving five years ago; from 16,443 tons in 2011 to 8,574 tons in 2016.  

Supporting Our Partners

SWACO also seeks to create long-term sustainable recycling solutions for our partners so that they can effectively run and manage their own programs utilizing best practices.  To that end, after a decade of support from SWACO, Columbus City Schools (CCS) will begin to administer their own recycling program in which they will capture office and classroom paper, cardboard, cans and bottles from school and office buildings in the school district.  In this transition, which will begin July 1, 2017, drop-off containers at CCS locations will transition from SWACO’s program and will become part of Columbus City Schools recycling program that will be serviced by a private hauler.  

Due to the costs associated with administering a recycling program, the Columbus City School District containers will service the schools only. No public use of the containers will be permitted.    

We Want to Hear from You

Users of SWACO’s Drop-Off Recycling program are encouraged to participate in a short survey so that we may learn how to better serve you.   

SWACO will continue to monitor and evaluate the Drop-Off Recycling Program at other locations to ensure that it’s meeting the communities needs while providing responsible and cost-effective solutions to recycling.