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Business Recycling Champions Program

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SWACO’s Business Recycling Champion program is designed to help businesses implement sustainable recycling programs and provide financial assistance that supports the overall goal of diverting Franklin County's recyclable materials from the landfill. Since businesses generate 60% of the landfill material presently going into the landfill, this program was created to help local businesses start new recycling programs and achieve their environmental sustainability goals.

Helping companies implement sustainable recycling programs can make a difference as a community and achieve diversion goals for Franklin County. 

We offer financial assistance to companies that qualify to help you successfully launch recycling programs. 

Becoming a Business Recycling Champion will mean that you completed the program SWACO created and that your company has implemented sustainable recycling practices. This accomplishment will also allow you to classify your business as a Business Recycling Champion and promote it to your customers and employees.

Use this handy checklist to stay on track during the submission process. 

Financial assistance is available in three categories:  

  • Indoor Container purchasing: 50% price reduction up to $1,000
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage purchasing: 50% cost reduction up to $500.00
  • Service Start-Up Support funding: $100.00 to $500.00 based on the level of recycling service purchased for your business program.  (See the list of Participating Haulers below.)

Complete one (1) set of documents and apply for all three (3) categories of the program. Or complete one (1) set of documents and apply for the specific category you need help with. The maximum amount of financial assistance available across all three categories is $2,000.00. 
* The program is for businesses that do not currently have a recycling program. 

Be on your way to a successful program in just four easy steps.

Recycling Champions Program

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Returning Champions
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Recycling Service Start-Up Support

To participate in the Service Start-Up Support component of the Business Recycling Champions (BRC) Program you must contract with a participating hauler.  If you are in the BRC program and do not plan to pursue the Service Start-Up Support funding then you can use any hauler for your recycling. Remember, there are three components to the BRC program: Containers, Signage, and Service Start-Up Support. Complete the one-time application process and apply for all three components.  Use the contact information below to get in touch with the Participating Haulers.

Participating Haulers (For the Service  Start-Up Support Component)

Participating Hauler BadgeThank you to Rumpke Waste and Recycling and Waste Management for participating in the Service Start-Up Support component of SWACO's program as Participating Haulers.  Below is their contact information to set up recycling service.

[email protected]

Waste Management: [email protected]

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