Plastic Recycling

Although some fear that recycling plastics could be22---Plastics confusing or complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Franklin County's curbside and drop off recycling programs accept plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and cups. All other plastics – such as clamshell containers and plastic grocery bags -- should be kept out of the recycling cart. Making things easier, consumers no longer need to worry about the plastic number on the bottom of containers. Just recycle the items mentioned above, and you will be recycling right.

Ohio recyclers

Companies across Ohio are using recycled pellets made from recycled single-use (PET) beverage bottles to make new products. Phoenix Technologies and Evergreen, both located in Northwest Ohio, together employ roughly 300 Ohioans. These employees process hundreds of millions of pounds of recycled materials per year, turning our recycled plastic bottles into new products that range from new bottles to food, health and beauty containers used by consumers all over the world. That work also diverts more than 200 million pounds from landfills.

Phoenix Technologies

Located in Bowling Green, Map GraphicOhio, PhoenixTechnologies employs 130 employees who help to divert more than 75 million pounds of plastics from landfills every year. Phoenix purchases more than 10 million pounds of Central Ohio's recycled plastic bottles and other PET plastics.

Get to know more about Phoenix by downloading its business profile or check out this video for a virtual tour.


Located in Clyde, Ohio, Evergreen helps to divert Map of Location nearly 5  million pounds of PET plastics from landfills and processes more than 70 million pounds of bales annually. Evergreen is both a plastics recycling company and one of North America's largest producers of food grade PET. Each year, Evergreen processes more than 2 billion post-consumer PET bottles. Ninety-five percent of Evergreen's business is the bottle-to-bottle market as bottles can be endlessly recycled. 

Download Evergreen’s business profile to learn more.

Ohio's robust recycling-reliant economy.

Phoenix Technologies and Evergreen are just two examples of Ohio businesses that use a particular plastic (our beverage bottles) to create new products. Ohio is home to many companies -- like Central Ohio-based Axium Packaging and Advanced Drainage Systems and others that strengthen Ohio’s economy while also keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfill. 

Check back for updates on these and other plastic recyclers in Ohio.