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Depositphotos_69263031_originalFrom beer, liquor and wine bottles to glass spaghetti and salsa jars, glass is considered one of the healthiest and most sustainable packaging materials on the market. SWACO currently captures about 50% of glass from the recycling program. The all-natural materials found in glass make it infinitely recyclable. In fact, a recycled glass container can go from the recycle bin to a store shelf in as little as 30 days.  

Ohio’s Glass Reliant Companies

Ohio companies depend on recycled glass to manufacture new products that consumers across the world use every day. Companies such as O-I Glass, Inc. employs about 1,000 people between its headquarters in northwest Ohio and manufacturing plant in Zanesville. There is high demand for the container glass that is being recycled. So much so that Rumpke set up the first and only glass recycling facility in Dayton, Ohio. Companies like O-I Glass, Rumpke and Johns Manville work together to keep the circular economy moving in Ohio.  


Rumpke is well-known in Ohio as a solid waste and recycling company, which operates 15 landfills in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Rumpke is the top recycler in Ohio and owns and operates its own glass recycling facility in Dayton. Companies across Ohio and the country buy that recycled glass which then is used for new products such as clear liquor bottles, spaghetti and pickle jars, amber beer bottles and fiberglass for insulation and roofing materials.  

Get to know more about Rumpke by downloading its business profile or watch this video on Rumpke’s glass recycling efforts. 

O-I Glass

Headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio, O-I is the preferred partner for many of the world’s leading food and beverage brands. It’s manufacturing plant in Zanesville produces clear glass bottles for liquor giants that include Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Crown Royal. O-I uses over a half million tons of recycled glass per year and aspires to use an average of 50% recycled glass in all its containers by 2030.

Learn more about O-I by downloading its business profile or watch this video to see the journey recycled glass takes from your home back to store shelves.  

Ohio's robust recycling-reliant economy. 

Ohio’s ability to have a vibrant recycling program has a huge impact on whether companies like O-I, Rumpke and hundreds of other companies choose to continue doing business in Ohio. That starts with you. Help grow Ohio’s circular economy by tossing glass jars and bottles into recycling containers or drop off centers. 

Check back for updates on these and other glass recyclers in Ohio.

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