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Posted on: November 15, 2018

America Recycles Day

Donatos and SWACO team up to celebrate and increase recycling right

November 15 -- Today is America Recycles Day, and Franklin County residents have a lot to celebrate. SWACO is pleased to report that Franklin County is recycling more today than ever before. In fact, the county has a new all-time high recycling rate of 49 percent, up from 46.5 percent in recent years and exceeding the national average of 34 percent.

Earlier this year, SWACO launched Recycle Right, Make a Difference, an educational campaign aimed at teaching residents the five types of materials accepted for curbside recycling in Franklin County. These items are:

  1. plastic bottles and jugs
  2. glass bottles and jars
  3. metal cans
  4. cartons
  5. paper and cardboard

All other items should be reused, donated or disposed. Since launching the campaign, SWACO has already seen increased participation in recycling and wants to help reduce the occurrence of contamination, or unaccepted items, in recycling containers.

“Franklin County residents value their ability to recycle and want to be able to recycle more,” said Ty Marsh, SWACO’s Executive Director. “Recycle Right provides residents the opportunity to know how to recycle correctly so that their efforts aren’t in vain. When we recycle right, our actions help to improve our environment, society and economy.”

A new partnership between SWACO and Donatos Pizza will help further educate residents about the right ways to recycle. The two organizations have teamed up to encourage pizza-loving central Ohioans to recycle their clean and empty pizza boxes.  

A recent Gallup poll estimates that approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of pizza – and a lot of cardboard pizza boxes.

Nearly 70 percent of the material in the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill has the potential to be recycled or composted. The largest portion of that material, or 30 percent, is paper and cardboard, including pizza boxes. But clean pizza boxes can and should be recycled.

According to Donatos, recycling a Donatos pizza box is especially easy because the boxes have a higher probability of staying clean due to the use of a liner under every pizza.

“With Edge to Edge® toppings on our thin crust, we know our customers are eating every last bite of pizza. Without the dough ring of crust left behind, it’s even easier to recycle a clean pizza box,” said Dave Parsons, Donatos Communication Manager. “We take pizza and the environment seriously. We’re pleased to partner with SWACO to share this information with our customers.”

Residents are encouraged to do their part on America Recycles Day and to recycle those clean pizza boxes! This is a commitment each of us can make today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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