Why are beverage/food cartons accepted?

Cartons come in two major packaging types: shelf-stable (or aseptic like a soup broth container) and refrigerated (gable-top like a milk carton). All cartons are made mostly of paper but gable-top cartons have additional plastic layers and shelf-stable cartons contain additional layers of plastic and aluminum. Both broth, juice, milk and other similarily shaped carts are accepted for recycling. You don't need to compress the container, but please pour out all the liquid and remove lids/ straws. The Carton Council was formed in 2009 by businesses who use cartons with the goal of increasing carton recycling. The Council was able to increase local collection programs by helping to develop markets for these materials. It's important to note, ice cream and egg cartons are not accepted.

Learn more about the carton recycling process from the Carton Council.  

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