I've heard of a circular economy, but what exactly does that mean?

Recycling and building a more circular economy takes a team effort. Here's how it works - residents, businesses and event organizers place items accepted for recycling into recycling containers. MRF’s properly sort the recyclables.  Manufacturers purchase these commodities for use as raw materials in order to create recycled-content products. Recyclables are bought and sold just like raw materials so prices go up and down depending on supply and demand in the United States and globally. And, of course, you and I do our part to purchase materials made from recycled-content. 

This is how a circular economy works.

Circular Econ

The circular economy is an aspirational framework organizations and businesses may use to re-think and re-design their processes and products to have a positive impact on society and the environment we depend on. With creativity and innovation, our society can start to transition from a 'take-make-waste' society to a more circular economy recognizing the true value of natural resources. 

To learn more about Ohio's circular economy, check out this page

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1. What's accepted for recycling?
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29. I've heard of a circular economy, but what exactly does that mean?
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