I recycle everything, even if I'm not sure if it's accepted. Is this okay?

Recycling has become part of the culture in Franklin County. People care about preserving natural resources and creating local jobs. While wanting to recycle everything is admirable, 'wish-cycling' can negatively impact the amount of materials you actually recycle.

Sorting facilities are highly engineered to deal with certain material types, and when other goods are introduced into the system many things can go wrong. The first step of this sorting process requires people to sort out contamination. The cleaner the material is of potentially dangerous or unaccepted items, the safer the workers are and the less likely the machines are to get jammed. Metal hangers, hoses, and plastic bags can easily get caught in machine gears and lead to a work stoppage or costly repair. Please be sure to recycle your plastic bags at a Bring Me Back location near you to keep the recycling process running smoothly. Likewise, putting batteries into the recycling can also creates a dangerous working environment for employees because batteries can cause fires in these facilities. Please find a location near you to recycle your batteries using our Recycling and Reuse Search Tool. Items that aren't accepted for recycling but are placed into the recycling bin anyway, just take a long detour to the landfill. These materials are not recycled if they aren't listed as accepted.

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11. I recycle everything, even if I'm not sure if it's accepted. Is this okay?
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