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Event Container Loan Program Request Form

  1. If you are interested in borrowing containers for an upcoming event or have questions about the event container loan program, fill out this form below.
  2. What items will you collect for recycling or compost?*
  3. Where do you plan to properly dispose of the material collected with the containers?*
  4. There are signs for recycle, compost and landfill. To view the recycle sign, click here. To view the landfill sign click here. To view the compost sign click here

  5. 2022 Event Sorting Signs 11 x 17 Recycle
  6. Holds up to 25 containers & lids

    Size: 36" x 23" x 44"

    Weight: 350 lbs. fully loaded with containers

    Requires a ramp for loading or a lift gate. 

    Recommended for large festivals with 5,000+ attendees. 

  7. Transport cart
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