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Community Outreach Pre-Meeting Survey

  1. Dear Community Partner - SWACO is interested in learning more about your community and its efforts to reduce waste and recycle more. We want to assist you with waste reduction and recycling programs that work for you and your residents. In preparation for our upcoming meeting, please complete the following survey so that we may understand what your community is currently doing and how we can help you increase waste diversion and recycling in your community. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Albert Iosue at (614) 801-6408.
  2. 1. What programs does your community currently have in place that reduce your waste stream or increase recycling opportunities? (Select all that apply)
  3. 2. Would your community be interested in learning more about some of the waste reduction and recycling programs listed above that you may not be participating in?
  4. 3. How do you feel your waste reduction & recycling efforts compare to other central Ohio communities? (Select one)
  5. 4. Do you believe that your community is recycling as much material as possible?
  6. 5. How informed do you think your residents are when it comes to waste reduction and recycling practices? (Select one)
  7. 6. How do you communicate and educate your community on your recycling programs? (Select all that apply)
  8. 7. Does your community or do your residents use any of the following SWACO programs? (Select all that apply)
  9. 8. How supportive is your community leadership relative to waste reduction and recycling initiatives?
  10. 9. What are the biggest barriers for your community to increasing recycling and waste diversion? (Select all that apply)
  11. 10. Where can your community use assistance? (Select all that apply)
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