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We’re Open and Operating 

Franklin County communities are facing an unprecedented and challenging time. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting all of us, SWACO facilities will continue to remain open to serve the residents and businesses in central Ohio.

At SWACO, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities and have taken steps to ensure the safe disposal of Franklin County’s waste continues without interruption.

How Our Customers Can Help

  • Bag all trash which will help protect waste hauling, landfill and transfer station employees.
  • Dispose of medical sharps in a marked “sharps’ container.
  • Continue to recycle. Visit RecycleRight.org for info.
  • Remind residents to direct recycling and landfill questions to 614-871-5100, [email protected] or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hear from Our Hard Working Team Members

Franklin County Waste Stream Information 

How much waste is generated in Franklin County?

Each resident in Franklin County generates 9-10 pounds (on average) of waste every day, which, if not reused, recycled, composted or diverted, makes it way to the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill (FCSL) located in Jackson Township, Ohio.

Every year, over a million tons of waste is disposed of at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill (FCSL). The FCSL is a municipal solid waste landfill designed to protect the environment regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. 

What is in Franklin County's waste stream and how can we increase recycling and waste diversion?

A recent partnership with RRS evaluated Franklin County's waste stream and identified opportunities to keep more waste out of the landfill. Want to know more about what's in the FCSL? Read the report: SWACO and RRS release assessment of Franklin County's Waste Stream and Identity Opportunities. 
Want to do your part to keep more waste out of the landfill? Visit our recycling pages to learn how. Free community tours of the landfill are also offered several times a year. Schedule your tour today!

SWACO and its waste hauling partners are part of a sound waste management program for Franklin County. Together, we strive to divert recyclable materials from FCSL and to keep the roadways safe and litter free! 

Available Resources:

Check out the following resources for all of your disposal needs.

Taking the Mystery Out of the Landfill

Check out our easy-to-read landfill brochure for information on how we utilize urban landfill best management practices, strive to be a good a neighbor and look for ways to be innovative in our daily operations. 

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