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Why focus on recycling in the commercial segment?

SWACO has a strategic goal to increase our recycling rate by 5% by 2018.  60% of waste generated at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill is from the commercial segment - businesses, multi-family properties and manufacturing.  As a result, we are actively providing robust resources for these business segments to take action.

Sources of Landfill Materials

Commercial Market Assessment

In the spring of 2017, we conducted a market assessment of businesses and multi-family properties to determine their current practices, challenges and understand resources they wanted to increase waste reduction and recycling practices. This information contributed to the new resources that SWACO is offering including training, cost incentives and recognition opportunities that are environmentally and fiscally sound to support a vibrant Franklin County community.

You can read the Market Assessment Report (forthcoming / results through May 2017) or contribute to the assessment results by participating in the the survey.  

Resources coming soon!!