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Business Recycling Survey

SWACO is seeking to improve the community’s solid waste stream through effective reduction and recycling in the commercial sector.  To achieve this goal and create effective resources, we conducted a market assessment of businesses and multi-family properties to determine their current practices, challenges and understand resources they believe are needed.  This information contributed to a new set of resources that SWACO will be offering the businesses community including training, cost incentives and recognition opportunities that are environmentally and fiscally sound to support a vibrant Franklin County community.

Would you like your feedback to be included in the development of resources to assist businesses with recycling and waste reduction?  If so, please consider participating in the Business Recycling Survey . 

Stay tuned for the most up to date resources coming soon!

Going Green at Your Business is Easier Than You Think

SWACO offers advice, programs, and more to help your company. When you recycle and reduce waste at your place of business you not only help the environment, you may boost your bottom line. Many times, less waste means less money your business has to spend. So let's get started!

Conduct a Waste Audit

First step, what are you throwing away that really doesn't need to go in the dumpster? There are some haulers that specialize in certain products when it comes to recycling and they may be able to give you a better overall deal based on their needs for things like cardboard or clean office paper. A good way to get some answers is to perform a waste audit on your business.

There are private companies that will do the job, and your trash hauler may offer this service as well, but SWACO offers a do-it-yourself waste audit. Print it out, and walk through your building. You might be surprised at what you'll find.

Evaluate Packaging

Okay now that you've plucked the low hanging fruit; paper, cardboard, cans, bottles etc, let's climb the tree a bit and go for the middle branches. When you receive your products, how are they packaged? Can you work with your suppliers to come up with reduced packaging? Many companies have done just that. Less packaging brings less impact on the environment and it gives you more room for storage. It can also cut your shipping costs.