Consortium Program & Contract Assistance

Transfer DriverSince its inception in 2005, SWACO’s Community Solid Waste and Recycling Consortium Program has helped communities lower the costs of trash, recycling, and yard waste collection services for their residents, while increasing the amount of waste diverted from the Franklin County Landfill.

What is a Consortium? 

A Consortium is a group of communities that voluntarily work together to leverage purchasing power when contracting for solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection services. Through this cooperative process, Consortiums result in lower prices for communities and residents and make it easier for communities to provide curbside collection of recyclables and yard waste to their residents.  

Key Features of a Consortium 

  • Cost-Effect Service for your community: By leveraging the collective buying power of multiple communities, Consortiums result in lower costs of services for communities and residents. Consortiums retain complete decision-making power for each individual community, allowing them to customize their services to fit the needs of the community.   
  • Legal Resources: SWACO facilitates the process and contracts with legal expertise that has a specialized background in municipal contracting, solid waste, and recycling.  
  • Technical Assistance: SWACO provides guidance on best management practices, including roll-cart recycling, volume-based disposal, data collection and analysis, resident participation, and education and outreach initiatives.  
  • Outreach and Education: Professionally designed educational materials that follow best practices are available to communities. 
  • Data: SWACO can capture material diversion data through regular reporting via Re-TRAC Connect 

Individual Contract Assistance 

If participation in a Consortium is not right for your community at this time, SWACO also provides contract assistance to individual communities. You’ll get the same level of expertise and support and be able to take advantage of our decades of experience with contracting for these services, all free of charge to the community.    

Want to Learn More? 

If you are interested in learning more about our Community Solid Waste and Recycling Consortium Program, please contact SWACO Communities or 614-782-9432.