SWACO is working hard to make central Ohio a leader by turning up the volume on issues involving diversion and waste reduction, and provide program grants to put it into action. Currently, between 60% to 70% of the waste that is generated by Franklin County residents could be recycled. Beginning in 2014, SWACO renewed its focus on building collaboration and partnerships which impact and improve the entire waste stream to ultimately recycle and divert more waste from the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill (FCSL). SWACO's Grants Program is a competitive grant program designed to promote recycling and waste reduction projects within Franklin County.

Type of Grants

SWACO's Grants Program is comprised of two individual grants. The Community Waste Reduction Grant and the Event Waste Reduction Grant are available to help assist with material diversion efforts of local non-profit, governmental partners, schools, and local event and festival organizers by providing financial support to help offset costs with recycling, composting, outreach and education. Grant recipients are required to provide a 25% cash match, document and measure project impacts, and report results that help to enhance waste reduction and recycling opportunities in central Ohio and contribute to SWACO's mission.  

Additional Information

If you have questions about these grant programs and/or would like to share your ideas, please contact SWACO at 614-871-5100 or e-mail a Programs Administrator.