SWACO has a number of funding opportunities to support curbside recycling, waste diversion, and education and outreach among Franklin County’s 41 communities: 

  1. Recycling Cart Grants

Recycling Cart Grants 

SWACO’s recycling cart program can help any Franklin County community that doesn’t currently own curbside recycling carts to purchase 65-gallon or greater wheeled carts with lids at a deep discount  – typically at a 50% or greater reduction in price.  

Since 2019, SWACO has provided wheeled carts to seven communities representing over 45,000 households in Bexley, Blendon Township, Gahanna, Pleasant Township, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, and Whitehall.

Advantages of Recycling Carts Over Bins 

Besides the fact they’re much easier to take to the curb, recycling carts also increase recycling volume and allow for easier recycling by residents. Because of their lids, carts also greatly reduce litter on collection day. Wheeled carts also allow curbside collection of the material through automated trucks, greatly increasing efficiency and reducing injuries by collection workers. Because of all of these advantages, using wheeled carts for residential curbside recycling is considered a best practice across the country.   

Want to Learn More?

Franklin County communities interested in new recycling carts can contact SWACO’s Communities Program Administrator.

  1. Waste Reduction Grants
  1. Other Grants