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Pharmaceutical Disposal

Safely Dispose of Prescriptions and Medicines

When done with prescription medicine, it’s easy to forget about it sitting unused in a drawer or medicine cabinet. But keeping unneeded medicine in the house can harm children, pets, teens and adults if accidentally ingested or misused. 

Properly disposing of medication also contributes to keeping our waterways and environment protected and healthy. 

The best option for safely disposing of prescription medicines is at a prescription drug and medicine drop-off site. Thankfully, there are dozens of these locations throughout Franklin County that are available year-round. 

Each site accepts dry prescription pills with no questions asked. If you have other items, such as liquid medicines, inhalers, needles, creams or patches, please call first to verify they will be accepted. 

The next National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will take place on October 28, 2023. 

Prescriptions and Medication Drop-off Locations Near You

Many pharmacies will take back your unused prescriptions and medications.  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration provides a useful search engine that can help you find a location near you

You can also use Google Maps and type in "drug disposal near me" or "medication disposal near me" to find the nearest drug disposal site.

SWACO Is a Member of the Ohio Opioid Educational Alliance

SWACO is a member of the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance, a group of more than 40 corporate, association, and community partners working together to combat the opioid epidemic. Through its “Don’t Live in Denial, Ohio” campaign, the alliance is educating people about the dangers of opioid abuse and trying to prevent the next generation of kids from abusing prescription opioids. 

As an organization responsible for our community’s waste management, SWACO is committed to spreading the message about the safe disposal of prescription opioids and other medicines. Holding on to leftover medicine is a dangerous practice, as nearly half of the young people who inject heroin start by misusing prescription pain medicine. But disposing of prescription drugs improperly is just as bad, as they can harm our rivers and streams not to mention kids, adults, and animals who come across them.  

Visit the Don’t Live in Denial, Ohio, website and learn how you can keep your family safe from the scourge of opioids. 

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