Solid Waste Management Plan

Franklin County communities are recycling now more than before. Last year, SWACO was pleased to be able to share that our collective rate of recycling jumped to 45-percent – up from 33% and more than the national average of 34%. 

In order to continue to address the recycling and waste diversion needs of communities in the Solid Waste District and to meet state-mandated goals, every five-years SWACO updates its Solid Waste Management Plan and submits it to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The plan outlines the types of programs and services SWACO offers to meet these requirements. 

Draft Plan Update

SWACO has prepared the draft Plan Update as required by Section 3734.54 of the Ohio Revised Code. The draft Plan Update includes a budget and fees to finance the Plan, a solid waste facility inventory, projections and strategies, facilities and programs to be used, an analysis of the progress made toward achieving state solid waste reduction goals, and the SWACO District Rules (existing and proposed). 

The Plan Update includes six chapters that are prepared specifically for the public’s review. They include: 
1. Introduction 
2. District Profile 
3. Waste Generation 
4. Waste Management 
5. Waste Reduction and Recycling 
6. Budget 

This draft is an update to a previously approved solid waste plan. This Plan Update details the following: Recycling Infrastructure Inventory, Population Data, Disposal Data, Residential/Commercial/Industrial Recycling Data, Waste Generation Data, a Strategic Evaluation of Old and New Proposed SWACO Programs, and Methodology to Select Program Priorities, Achievement of State Recycling Goals, Education and Outreach Programs, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations, Financial Data, Designation of Facilities, District Rules, and a Siting Strategy. 

The draft Plan Update includes a demonstration of access to landfill capacity and determines there are more than 20 years of landfill capacity available at the Franklin County Landfill. Based on other landfills used to manage waste generated in Franklin County during the 2014 reference year for the planning period, landfills had an average life expectancy of more than 50 years. 

Under this plan, the Board of Commissioners is authorized to designate facilities in accordance with Sections 343.014 and 343.015 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Designated Facilities in this Plan Update are the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill, the Morse Road Eco-Station (aka Morse Road Transfer Station), and the Jackson Pike Transfer Station. Additional facilities can be utilized by SWACO if the Board approves a waiver for the facility. 

The draft Plan Update includes the existing SWACO District Rules and the proposed 2017 District Rules, contained in Appendix Q. SWACO reserved the right to adopt rules pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 343.01 (G) in the following areas: 

• prohibiting or limiting the receipt of waste generated outside the District; 
• governing the maintenance, protection, and use of solid waste collection, disposal, transfer, recycling, or resource recovery facilities; 
• governing a program to inspect out-of-state waste; and 
• exempting an owner or operator of a solid waste facility from compliance with local zoning requirements. 

The draft Plan Update complies with State Plan Goal #2: The SWMD shall reduce and recycle at least 25 percent of the solid waste generated by the residential/commercial sector and at least 66 percent of the solid waste generated by the industrial sector. SWACO is committed to maintaining its achievement of Goal 2. SWACO also complies with Goal #1: Providing infrastructure for recycling to over 90% of the population. 

SWACO primarily funds plan programs and current operations through a Generation Fee of $5.00 per ton for all solid waste generated within Franklin County and disposed at all Ohio based transfer stations or landfills. SWACO projected the Generation Fee to remain at the current rate of $5 per ton for the entire planning period. 

The draft Plan Update, containing both the existing and proposed set of District Rules, is 
available for review here and at the following location during normal business hours: 

Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio Administrative Building 
4239 London Groveport Road 
Grove City, Ohio 43123 

Public Process

SWACO accepted public comments on the draft Plan Update and proposed Rules from April 22 through May 22, 2017. SWACO held a public hearing to obtain oral comments regarding the draft Plan Update and the proposed 2017 District Rules on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. 

Between August 1 and October 31, 2017 SWACO will seek community support and adoption of the draft Plan Update from the 41 communities in the Solid Waste District. 

Contact Information 

Please contact SWACO at 614-871-5100 with any questions about the draft Plan Update.