SWACO seeks opportunities to innovate change and improve the way SWACO Facilities and Operations are managed and performed. To that end, recent innovations have led to increased environmental protection and operational efficiencies, and generated revenues. 

Below you'll find information on just a few recent innovations at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill, Transfer Stations and other SWACO Facilities. 

Auto Shredder Residue

 Using ASR in the landfill as an alternative daily cover saves money, speeds up operations and is a more environmentally friendly approach to daily cover than the use of dirt or soil. 

Gas-to-Energy Project (Aria Energy)

SWACO's public-private partnership with a High BTU facility - Aria Energy - turns landfill gas into a renewable resource and puts it back into a production use.  

Green Fleet

SWACO has been designated an Ohio Green Fleet through the Clean Fuels Ohio’s statewide Ohio Green Fleets program. Designated an Ohio Green Fleet provides a community service by improving air quality and reducing Ohio’s dependence on imported petroleum.