Drop-Off Recycling Program

SWACO operates a Drop-Off Recycling program to serve Franklin County residents. In 2017, over 7,000 tons of recyclable material was diverted from the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill through this program. 

As recycling evolves, and the needs and behaviors of central Ohio residents and businesses change, SWACO's programs strive to keep pace. To that end, in June 2018, SWACO expanded the Drop-Off Recycling program to include four new locations. Learn more about those new locations in our news release

NOTICE:  The Recycling Drop-off Location at the Sawmill Rd. Home Depot Has Been Removed

On August 15th, 2018 the recycling drop-off location at the Home Depot store located at 5858 Sawmill Rd. was removed, at the property owners request, due to persistent illegal dumping at the site. Residents are encouraged to find an alternative drop-off location.
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Materials accepted through the Drop-Off Recycling Program include:


Non-Accepted Materials: 

The following items are not currently accepted through this recycling program. 
  • Plastic: Containers that DO NOT have a bottle neck or a base larger than the top. For example, yogurt cups, butter tubs, drinking cups, disposable storage containers, toys, plastic bags, plastic films and bubble wrap, and plastic utensils. Note: Polystyrene foam or "Styrofoam" egg cartons, plates, cups, etc. are NOT accepted. 
  • Glass: Ceramics, window or drinking glass, light bulbs and any other glass not in the shape of a bottle or jar. 
  • Paper: Cups, plates, egg cartons, tissues, etc. 
  • Drink Pouches: Made of or lined with foil and plastic. 
  • Metals: Coat hangers, steel scraps and any other metal not in the shape of a container. 

When Using This Program, Please Remember: 

  • Break-down and flatten cardboard boxes.
  • Keep recyclable loose; don't place them in plastic bags.
  • If you see illegal dumping and misuse of the containers, Report It. Call 614-971-5322 or log on itsacrime.org.
  • Use our Recycling & Reuse Search Tool to find out where to recycle materials not accepted in the Drop-Off Program.