Additional Resources

Field Trips

Take a field trip to SWACO.  Visit our Landfill Tour webpage to learn more!

Take a field trip to the Rumpke Material Recovery Facility  Note: offered to ages in high school and above only.


School Competitions

Keep America Beautiful Recycle-Bowl - Primary and Secondary competition

Recycle Mania - College and University competition


PAST Foundation/SWACO Garbology Project - Problem-based STEM learning.  Garbology is a hands-on minds-on educational program that explores the global issues of waste management involving students in understanding what we really waste today and what are some of the alternatives for managing waste, today and tomorrow. This program includes three presentations and a Garbage Sort Activity that are aligned with the Ohio Content Standards and Benchmarks. The presentations and interviews with Dr. William Rathje, founder of the Garbage Project, are a great way to get students engaged and involved.

Windows on Waste (WOW) Curriculum - Windows on Waste is an interdisciplinary, environmental studies resource for elementary teachers and other environmental educators. It endeavors to meet the needs of competency-based education and constructivist approaches to teaching and learning. The lessons are grounded in general environmental studies concepts as applied to solid waste management issues, with particular emphasis upon recycling and litter prevention. The lessons also address many important educational concerns in Ohio.

Keep America Beautiful 'Waste in Place' Curriculum - Waste in Place is Keep America Beautiful’s educational resource developed for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students and educators that offers hands-on activities related to end littering, improve recycling and beautifying communities. The activities are interdisciplinary and STEM correlated. The materials are used by many educators nationwide to influence positive behavior, to foster social responsibility and respect for the environment, and to enrich their students’ learning experiences.

Keep America Beautiful Waste in Place Service & Project-Based Learning (secondary education)

US EPA Learning and Teaching about the Environment