Business Recycling Toolkit 

Recycling in your place of business has several far-reaching benefits. While not always cost-free, recycling often costs less than solid waste disposal services and can save your company on trash hauling costs. In addition, consumers are more conscious than ever about where they spend their money, seeking companies that demonstrate concern for their environmental impacts. For many Central Ohio residents, recycling is becoming an expectation at home and where they work and spend their money.   As the workforce in the region becomes younger, many firms also find that their potential employees want to work for companies with commitments to sustainability, community involvement, and social responsibility.

SWACO can help your business recycle successfully. From planning your program, to successfully working with your hauler and educating your employees, SWACO has resources to help.  In fact, we've identified seven steps below to design and implement a successful business recycling program. 

Download the Business Recycling Toolkit.


The best recycling programs have a foundation of planning at their core. Learn the proper stakeholders and types of planning questions to ask.

One commonly overlooked building block for success is knowing what type of waste materials are generated at your place of work. Learn how to audit your waste to better understand what is truly waste and what is recyclable.


You'll need someone to transport your recyclables to a processing facility, but you may not know the best way to leverage these services to your benefit. Click here to learn what questions to ask your current or prospective recycling hauler and what important pieces of information to consider before making a decision.

It may sound simple, but where you put your recycling containers and signage can make or break your recycling program. Ease of use and clear signage are important for success. Learn to look at your work space in a different light to maximize the success of your program.


Programs that are cost effective with low levels of contamination are successful by continuously educating employees on how to utilize the program correctly.

Recycling is never a "set it and forget it" type initiative. Learn strategies to take after installing your program to make sure that it lasts.


Once your recycling program is successful, take the time to celebrate that success! Come see some examples on how to share your success with people inside and outside of your organization.

SWACO offers financial incentives for businesses that want to participate in the Business Recycling Champion program.