Multifamily Recycling

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Central Ohio residents and families value their ability to recycle. In fact, a recent public opinion poll conducted by SWACO determined that 94% of Franklin County residents view recycling as a point of pride.  

According to The Recycling Partnership more than 22 million American households call multifamily properties home and as such communities dedicated to improving recycling participation must have strategies for reaching beyond single-family homes. Within multifamily properties – many of which are apartment buildings – more than 13 million households in America do not have access to onsite recycling opportunities. In Franklin County, these dwellings, along with other commercial properties including schools and local businesses, are the largest source of landfill material. 

With a goal to increase the diversion of landfilled materials by an additional 25% by 2032, SWACO is pleased to be working with The Recycling Partnership to pilot a multifamily recycling program in Central Ohio. Utilizing learnings and practices tested in communities such as Orlando, FL and Tacoma, WA., SWACO is aiming to create an industry-leading sustainable multifamily recycling program which provides greater access to easy and convenient recycling opportunities for Central Ohioans and to create a program that can serve as a model for communities across the nation. 

Central Ohio families and residents value their ability to recycle

When choosing where to live, renters have historically evaluated price, square footage, on-site amenities and a complex’s proximity to stores, restaurants and other activities. Today’s renters are also making decisions about where to live based on a property’s stance on the environment.  

Show renters that your complex is the best place for them to call home – add recycling!  

About the Pilot ProgramMF-2

In 2021 and 2022, SWACO will pilot multifamily recycling at several complexes in the city of Columbus to determine the cost, impact and feasibility of offering these services. The pilot is limited in size and scope to ensure the most accurate results however SWACO is always interested in connecting with property managers of complexes that wish to offer recycling.

Please contact [email protected] to learn more.    

Special Note: A complexes ability to participate in the pilot is not guaranteed and will be determined by several factors such as whether the property is located within the city of Columbus, can accommodate a recycling dumpster on site, has access to a compactor and will evaluated against the overall capacity of the pilot program.

No On-Site Recycling? No problem. 

While on-site recycling programs for families and individuals residing in multifamily complexes in Franklin County is currently limited, SWACO does offer more than 100 conveniently located drop-off recycling containers across Franklin County which are free to use.

These locations accept plastic bottles, tubs, cups and jugs, glass bottles and jars, metal cans and cups, carton containers and virtually all household paper and cardboard. Please remember to flatten cardboard before placing it in the container and leave all recyclables loose; never bag them.    

Enter your zip code to find your nearest drop-off recycling location.   

When we choose to recycle right, we’re making a difference. Learn how