Technical Assistance

43751549 (2)Your company may need help in figuring out what to do with hard-to-recycle items, how to meet zero waste directives, or assistance in getting employees to engage in your existing recycling program. You have questions and need a resource to turn to for help in getting answers. We're here to help!

 Assistance may look like this:

  • Sharing our expertise on how to start, improve, or expand a recycling program.
  • Visiting your location to look for process improvement options or ways to collect or divert materials differently to achieve an improved diversion rate. 
  • Assisting in finding solutions for diverting hard-to-recycle materials. These are materials that don't fall into the standard recycling stream and could include Film or Shrink Wrap, Styrofoam, Pallets, material from your production process, or a material that is a unique by-product from your process. 
  • Looking for alternative options for the discontinued material you now need to get rid of? Is it even recyclable?
  • Helping to find solutions for RE-USE. For example office furniture, manufactured product, or goods that still have value.
  • Speaking with property managers or building owners about adding recycling services as your partner in navigating these discussions.
  • Brainstorm ideas to overcome the challenges you face in implementing recycling and supporting your efforts. 
  • Assessing opportunities for food waste reduction, rescue, or diversion when implementing a program around food waste. Check out for specific information regarding food diversion for your business