Technical Assistance

43751549 (2)Your company may need help in figuring out what to do with hard-to-recycle items, how to meet zero waste directives, or assistance in getting employees to engage in your existing recycling program. You have questions and need a resource to turn to for help in getting answers. We're here to help!

SWACO offers free technical assistance to any business, nonprofit, county agency, or public entity in Franklin County.  We are a phone call or email away!  Contact us at [email protected]  or 614-782-9427

 Assistance may look like this:

  • Sharing our expertise on how to start, improve, or expand a recycling program.
  • Visiting your location to look for process improvement options or ways to collect or divert materials differently to achieve an improved diversion rate. 
  • Assisting in finding solutions for diverting hard-to-recycle materials. These are materials that don't fall into the standard recycling stream and could include Film or Shrink Wrap, Styrofoam, Pallets, material from your production process, or a material that is a unique by-product from your process. 
  • Looking for alternative options for the discontinued material you now need to get rid of? Is it even recyclable?
  • Helping to find solutions for RE-USE. For example office furniture, manufactured product, or goods that still have value.
  • Speaking with property managers or building owners about adding recycling services as your partner in navigating these discussions.
  • Brainstorming ideas to overcome challenges you face in implementing recycling and supporting your efforts. 
  • Assessing opportunities for food waste reduction, rescue, or diversion when implementing a program around food waste. Check out for specific information regarding food diversion for your business

CASE STUDY 1 - "King Arts Complex launches new recycling program in partnership with SWACO."

The King Arts Complex serves many in their community. Because they have a diverse group of users at their facility, it made it a challenge to implement a sustainable recycling program.  Read the case study on how they overcame this challenge.

CASE STUDY 2 - Zipline Logistics "Finding a recycling solution when your building only provides trash service."

Zipline Logistics realized they would have to think outside the box if they wanted to implement recycling since their building owner didn't offer recycling services and they disapproved of adding a front-load dumpster recycling service on-site as a tenant-paid service option. Read the case study on how they overcame this objection. 

CASE STUDY 3- Coming Soon! 

SWACO introduced a manufacturer to a nonprofit and helped to divert 6,000 yards of discontinued upholstery fabric stored in Groveport warehouses from the landfill. Read the case study on how they achieved their sustainability goals to divert the material.