Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard and paper products are some of the most prevalent materials in thecardboard-paper waste stream. In the recycling and waste industry, these products are referred to as “fiber” due to the microscopic fibers that make up the products. This category of recyclable materials includes products such as corrugated cardboard, paperboard, office paper, newspaper and magazines (to learn more about what products can be recycled visit Other products such as milk and broth cartons and paper cups are included in this category and are recycled in the same manner. While each of these materials is easily recyclable, it’s estimated that each year over 320,000 tons of cardboard and paper products are landfilled by Franklin County residents and businesses, comprising almost 30% of the materials being sent to the landfill.  

Needless to say, there’s a significant opportunity to divert cardboard and paper from being landfilled. In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling paper and cardboard, such as reducing deforestation and habitat destruction, these recycled materials directly support Ohio businesses and jobs. Ohio is fortunate to be home to large paper and cardboard recyclers including Grief and Pratt Industries who consume most of these materials that are recycled in Franklin County and support over 1,750 jobs in Ohio combined. As a result, it only takes seven days for a cardboard box to be recycled into a new cardboard box once it’s collected for recycling from your home.   

Ohio's Fiber Recyclers 

Greif, Inc. 

GreiGreif Mapf is a $6-billion global industrial packaging manufacturer and leading recycler in North America. Headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, Greif produces 1.5 million tons of paperboard a year. More than 95% of that content produced is recycled. The company employs 1,000+ Ohioans at its recycling facilities that create a wide range of products for industrial and consumer packaging.

Learn more about Greif by downloading its business profile or check out this video that shows the recycling process from start to finish. 

Pratt Industries

PratPratt Industries Mapt Industries is a leading supplier of sustainable custom packaging solutions with 100 facilities in 27 states, including 10 located strategically throughout Ohio. In 2019, Pratt opened one of the largest and most-advanced 100% recycled paper mills in Wapakoneta, Ohio. More than 750 green-collar employees work for Pratt across Ohio and that number continues to grow.

Pratt's close-the-loop program offers customers the opportunity to create a circular journey for their product packaging. Learn more about Pratt by downloading its business profile or watch this video that shows the circular journey of a Pratt recycled box. 

Ohio's robust recycling-reliant economy.

Ohio’s ability to have a vibrant recycling program has a huge impact on whether companies like Greif, Pratt and hundreds of other companies choose to continue doing business in Ohio. That starts with you. So be sure to flatten those boxes, put them in your recycling bin and help grow Ohio’s circular economy.

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