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Plastic (HDPE & PP) Recycling

Recycling plastics offer numerous advantages to a community. These benefits range from reducing landfill waste to supporting Ohio businesses that rely on recyclables to make new products. In addition to water and soda bottles, known as PETDetergent Bottle plastics, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) are valuable recyclable materials that contribute to going green and a circular economy. By recycling plastics, communities contribute to a more sustainable future and ensure that essential resources are available for future generations. 


HDPE plastics accepted by most curbside and drop-off recycling programs include plastic bottles, water, milk and juice jugs, shampoo bottles, and laundry detergent containers. Many types of PP plastics are now accepted into recycling programs including tubs, yogurt and fruit cups, and some plastic drink cups used by restaurants.  


The recycling industry is constantly evolving, and there is reason for optimism. As technology and market demand advance, the potential inclusion of more rigid plastics like clamshells, often used for packaging berries and other products, could soon be a recycling reality. 

Ohio's Innovative HDPE and PP Recyclers

Advancements in technology and increased market demand for these HDPE and PP is a positive step towards reducing waste and promoting circular economies. Ohio companies depend on these recycled materials to create new products and demand is high. 

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS)

ADS, located in Hilliard Ohio, is one of the largest plastics recyclers in North America. The company recycles over half a billion pounds of plastic. The recycled materials are used in their highly engineered products that go underground for decades.

 Learn more about ADS by downloading its business profile.

Axium Packaging

Axium, headquartered in New Albany, specializes in the production of bottles, jars, tubes and closures for the personal care, pharmaceutical, home care and food packaging categories. Axium uses recycled HDPE, PP and PET along with other types of plastics throughout its production lines. Recycling has become such an integral part of its business that the company invested $45 million to build a state-of-the-art recycling facility in New Albany. That operation, Vertix, recycles and converts 50 million pounds of HDPE food packaging that can be used to manufacture plastic bottles and other packaging components.

Ohio's robust recycling-reliant economy.

Axium Packaging and ADS are just two examples of Ohio businesses that use a particular plastic (our laudry detergent bottles) to create new products. Ohio is home to many companies -- like Phoenix Technologies and Evergreen and others that strengthen Ohio’s economy while also keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Click here to learn about these recyclers of PET plastics.

Check back for updates on these and other plastic recyclers in Ohio.

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